What You Did

You made a rain gauge. This instrument will tell you how much rain fell at your house during a storm.

Intended Results

When used properly, your rain gauge should tell you exactly how much rain fell where you had it set up.

Unintended Results

If you forget to level the bottom with water to the 0” or 0cm line right before it rains, your measurement will be off. If you set it outside when it's not raining with water in it, the water will most likely evaporate. The worst case is you'll have a mosquito farm... yuck!If you live in a desert, you may not get rain very often, but this is the perfect inside activity for that rare rainy day!

Keep Tinkering

Since this is a specific kind of tool, there isn't much possible variation. Explore the National Weather Service website and learn about Important TNTs involved in the atmospheric sciences below!

Explored Concepts

metrics, weather

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