Invisible Ink

What You Did

You made invisible ink and wrote a message with it. Then you or a friend used grape juice to make it reappear.

Intended Results

Since the ink is made with water, your message will initially appear faintly on your paper from being wet. As the mixture dries, it should disappear, though you may be able to see some baking soda after it’s dried.When you pour the grape juice over, you’ll need to read the message quickly, because some of the baking soda will be rinsed off, and the letters won’t be as clear.

Unintended Results

In my original instructions, I had written instructions to paint the grape juice onto the paper with a brush or cotton swab, but I found that this method also painted the baking soda off, obscuring the message almost completely. So I changed two variables: I added more baking soda to the water and I switched to the juice-pouring method.Your message may get washed away if you use too much grape juice, or if you don’t wait long enough for the ink to dry.If you don’t read your message as soon as you pour on the grape juice, the ink can be washed away. If there isn’t enough baking soda on your paper, the message will not reappear very well

Keep Tinkering

Vary the temperatures of the water when you use the ink or of the grape juice. Vary the color of the paper you use. Vary the proportions of baking soda and water

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