What You Did

You built a weather vane.

Intended Results

Your weather vane will show you which direction the wind is blowing.

Unintended Results

There are various ways this experiment could give unexpected results. Since this is a handcrafted experiment, you’ll have to use your skills of observation to make tweaks as needed. The slits cut in your straw might need adjusting, or the hole in the cup, etc.If you can’t get it to work at all, try to connect with other TNTs on our Facebook page for help from the community, or contact The Alchemist directly

Keep Tinkering

You can make many of these, decorate them, and give them as Fairy Experiment gifts. Expand your observations:+ Can you detect any patterns in the wind? + Is there a direction it blows more often than others? + Does it blow one way in the morning, and a different way at night?

Explored Concepts

wind direction

Further Study

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