What You Did

You made a kaleidoscope.

Intended Results

Your kaleidoscope should let enough light in to see your shiny bits, the page protector should be reflective enough to create a slight mirror effect, and there should be enough room in the plastic wrap for the bits to move around as you turn the tube.

Unintended Results

I added too many shiny things on my first try at making a kaleidoscope, so the bits didn’t really move around, so I took the parchment paper off, removed some bits, and reattached the parchment. It worked much better then.You want to have a very shiny piece of plastic inside. You may want to wipe off your page protector or report cover if it’s an old one.

Keep Tinkering

Try all kinds of shiny bits. I used flower shaped Legos in mine! Colored sand would be fun.

Explored Concepts

specular reflection, aesthetics

Further Study

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