Not for the Faint of Heart

What You Did

You made a stethoscope.

Intended Results

You should be able to hear someone’s heartbeat from the spout of the funnel.Patterns will emerge from measuring the heartbeats of multiple people and comparing your observations.

Unintended Results

Originally, I tried using two funnels connected with tubing and not using balloons, but that didn’t work. And adding balloons to both funnels didn’t work either, even after I cut the tubing down very short. I finally succeeded when I kept my design simple: one balloon and one funnel!You probably won’t have trouble like I did, since the written experiment is my simplified, successful third version.

Keep Tinkering

What other sounds might you hear better with your homemade stethoscope?

Explored Concepts

sound amplification, music, taking measurements

Further Study

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