Notes: This activity should be conducted outside. If you need to borrow something, always get the owner’s consent first.


  • empty container of some kind (some examples: empty cylindrical oatmeal container, old plastic food container, sand castle molds, coconut shell, old bowl)
  • a fairy “yard” - a space in your own yard that will be undisturbed, around 12” x 24” (30cm x 60cm)
  • glue
  • string, bread ties, or thin wire
  • various biodegradable embellishments (some examples: seeds of small plants, colorful construction paper, small tiles, small seashells, small pebbles, cotton or hemp string, cheesecloth, toothpicks, wood craft sticks, wood tokens or buttons, small wood figures, wooden ruler, real flowers, citrus or avocado peels,


  1. Take your materials out to your fairy yard and arrange your empty container so it is now a fairy house
  2. Use the glue and string to help apply your embellishments and experiment leftovers to create a cozy landscape with a fairy’s needs in mind

Keep Tinkering

  • Make adjustments as you need, depending on the weather and the season
  • If you planted seeds, tend to the plants as indicated
  • Create a fairy-scape on a tray* to display inside, or to bring in when the weather might threaten it

Explored Concepts

sustainability, reduce-reuse-recycle, creativity, ecosystems, habitats

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