Notes: (*You may need some help from a grown-up with this step.)


  • Leaf ID chart (on page 306 of your Fairy Experiments book, or from the site)
  • paper for sketching (your book or print out a Mini Journal or an Extra Page from the website)
  • local field guide of trees or plants, or internet access*
  • public area with trees, or your own yard if you have trees and shrubs


  1. Use your Leaf Identification chart to identify the leaves of different trees and other plants
  2. Make sketches of what you discover, or remove one leaf from each plant and trace it, making a note of the date or season and the location you found it
  3. Use a local field guide or the internet to identify the names of the trees and plants you observed

Keep Tinkering

  • Continue making observations whenever you head outside
  • Revisit the same areas and compare how the plants differ from one season to another

Explored Concepts

biodiversity, ecosystems, niches, climate

Further Study

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