What You Did

You calculated the density for each vegetable or fruit, and made observations about which will float and which will sink. You found two ways of measuring the same phenomenon.

Intended Results

Your exact results will depend upon the variety of fruits and vegetables you used: some will float, some will sink, or you might have all of one kind or another. Regardless, those with a density smaller than 1 will float, and those higher than 1 will sink. You visually determined which were floaters and sinkers, but you also verified your observations with mathematics, and in turn, verified the calculations with your observations.

Unintended Results

This is a tricky experiment, since you’re bound to get water everywhere. Spilling water at any point will affect the measurement.Ripeness may also be a factor, depending on what you used.

Keep Tinkering

Test different fruits, vegetables, or any other objects your supervising adult approves of. Do not test animals

Explored Concepts

density, mass, volume, validating data, research methods, science literacy, skepticism

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