Animal Observations and Research

Notes: Use caution when observing animals in person, even if they are a pet. (*You may need some help from a grown-up with this step.)


  • Your Fairy Experiments book or *print out our Mini Journal
  • Animal Track ID chart (from Fairy Experiments or from our website)
  • two or more kinds of animals, either ones you can see in-person or internet videos of them* or library books
  • time


  1. Using the Notes section of your book and the Animal Track Identification chart, take notes based on differences you observe
  2. Examples can be where the animals live, how and what they eat, how they walk and the tracks they leave, whether they are vectors for human disease.
  3. Why do you think these differences exist?

Keep Tinkering

  • Compare animals that seem very similar

Explored Concepts

biodiversity, ecosystems, niches, habitats

Further Study

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